Lyrics written by Seth Stone

Beat produced by Seth Stone

Video by Nick Wyss

Want some advice? It comes with a price cuz everything under the sun is meaningless this is to say vanity vanity

Everything that I’m wrecking I be giving reference to the method like it’s effervescent to the lesson of my message.

Like do I wanna live life for this or that? why? given that my choices really don’t matter I might as well do what ever I please

But tell me please why would these be a meaning to me in this petty life you see

What’s a hundred years when you still gotta die? Any amount of time here is finite.

Cuz no matter how I go, whats certain that I know is that I’m gonna die and nothing else will show for anything.

Whether or not I did it right will not apply because I won’t be here to cry but then again this is disabling.

Somehow I gotta find a reason to continue in a manner that is livable but this still ain’t invincible.

Eating, drinking, sleeping and repeating it’s fun right? Monday comes I’m still hung on the weekend it’s dumb right?

Chilling with achievements and accomplishments

Gratitude was nice but it ain’t really get me rich

Working a job on the side call it inflation

But work saw me getting busy with vacation

Then cash caught me with rocks that I purchased

Rocks I was only using to get girls with

Caught me again at the mall with new merchants

Cash I love but not after its worthless

But all my stuff found me hooking up with chicks again

But then i got dumped cuz I rather get lit with my friends

But started cheating on the drugs with epiphanies

Philosophies and conspiracies of reality

Truth is now my main all else is on the side

But I sneak back to that when I feel empty inside

But then regret my choices cuz i know I ain’t honest

Checklist is real when Netflix and chill is me and my conscience

This vanity affair is like a drop of gasoline cuz it don’t fuel the fire it just keeps me itching like a fiend, I need another hit- then ima cheat on it