In case you missed the announcements or need a refresher of what and when things are happening, here you go!

Summer is upon us which means so is our summer series!

Join us every Thursday!

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Help us reach our summer fundraising goal to help us put on a huge outreach in late September on the University of Arizona campus!

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Join our team in reaching others with God’s love and Gods Word!

Music is a powerful tool and seeing that there are many outlets to access music, we thought we’d take advantage of the potential we have at our fingertips and we put together a playlist! Each week our leaders update and hand pick songs in hopes to give you and others a great, positive playlist to listen to.¬†Enjoy!

Ignition Ladies! A way to connect, fellowship and make friends for all of our ladies. Join the group on Facebook by searching “Ignition Ladies” or see Caitlin or Kirstie on thursdays and give them your number and they will plug you in on all the lady events!