We are a group of diverse individuals ranging from 18-28 years old who have a hunger and thirst for God!

Many of the people who come each week attend Pima Community College or the University of Arizona, but there are also those who are not in school. There are no “qualifications” or criteria you must meet to be a part of our group besides age.

We realize not everyone who attends or visits our group has committed their lives to follow Jesus and that’s ok (for now). Because our philosophy is to be like Jesus. Jesus did not come to judge and push sinners away, but he came and loved sinners and taught them the truth. And that’s what we hope to share with everyone who walks through our doors, a glimpse of Jesus’ love!

We try our best to have an atmosphere where anyone between the ages of 18-28 can feel comfortable to come hear the Word of God so that they can properly respond to how God’s moving in their life.

If you are over the age of 28, we ask that you get plugged into one of the home fellowships or the men or womens weekly Bible studies which you can find more info about on calvarytucson.com. You can however tune in to our teachings each week live on Periscope (@ignitiontucson) at 7:45pm every Thursday.