Nick Wyss is the pastor of Ignition. Nick was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and has a heart to minister to the city he has grown to know and love. He is 28 years old and is happily married to his wife, Amber Wyss, and they have a handsome boy, Lucas!

Although that is all very exciting, Nick had to go through many seasons of life to get to where he is now. None of it came easy. But to keep the story short, he went from living for his own sinful desires (partying, using drugs, drinking, etc), to living to please God with everything he has. Nick’s life is nothing short of a work of God. A clear example of how God uses the broken people of this world to shine a light where some think impossible.

Nick started working at Calvary Tucson in 2011 as a maintenance worker. He felt led to cut back his hours at the restaurant he served at to start to pursue God’s path for his life, although he had no idea what that would be. As he worked in maintenance, he also submerged himself in many outlets to help him grow spiritually. And as he followed what he believed to be God’s call on his life, one day out of the blue, the former pastor of Ignition, Adam Parsons, approached Nick while he was mopping the coffee shop floor. He mentioned to Nick how he was going to leave and plant a church within the next year and that he wanted Nick to take over Ignition. Nick was speechless but honored to be given the privilege to lead this group. Then in April of 2014, Nick took over as the Pastor of the young adult ministry and hasn’t slowed down one bit!

A few things Nick really enjoys besides teaching God’s word are crossfit, coffee, anything outdoors, and spending time with his wife and son.

Nick believes God has big things in store for the future of Ignition. He says that when we think big, God says, “Think Bigger!” – Eph 3:20.